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“Our vision is to be an ever-expanding community of diverse and joyful Christ-followers who are making a positive impact in our world today.”


…Of a church that knows how to celebrate God and is fun for all ages.
We will be full of people who smile often, laugh loudly, and embrace warmly because of God’s presence in our midst and our deep confidence in His control.

...Of a church that is known on the streets as a place that lavishly dispenses God's grace.Because of what Jesus has done for us, no one will walk into our midst too sinful, too unapproachable, too dirty, too messed up, too poor or too rich, too ordinary or too influential for us to love and accept unconditionally.

...Of a church where the innovative find freedom to express their gifts in beautiful ways to magnify the Creator and draw people to worship Him. Christian artists, craftsmen, musicians and performers will be drawn to this church as a haven of creativity and we will be an important part of a modern renaissance of Godly influence in the Arts across our land.

...Of a church that loves lost people so much we would sacrifice our own comfort in making them feel welcome.We will go the extra mile to understand where they are coming from and will work hard at communicating in styles, terms and techniques that relate to where they are.We will ruthlessly avoid behaviors and attitudes that would suggest we are “holier than thou” or emphasize “us and them”.

...Of a church that values technology in order to capture attention and communicate to as many people as effectively as possible.We will utilize modern tools like the Internet, multi-media and digital means and devices to reach a post-modern generation.


...Of a church that honors God by doing our very best for Him in excellence but never forgets the heart of worship by being real and sometimes raw.We will help people feel God’s touch by leading them in worship that is experiential, thought provoking, and authentic.

...Of a church where no one of any age stands alone.We will be vigilant to find those who are disconnected and diligent on connecting them to healthy, meaningful relationships.We will be church that is built around small groups and ministry teams where the priority is loving God and one another.

...Of a church that we will be known for its stories of real life change.We will never tire of bragging about Gods extraordinary miracles in the lives of ordinary people.Our gatherings will be a thoroughfare for people to share how God transforms marriages, families, friendships, careers and destinies.


…Of a church where children and teens wake their parents up on weekends because they can’t wait to be there.We will be a place where students of all ages are comfortable inviting and including their peers and who excitedly share with them about their faith and their faith community.

…Of a church that mimics heaven in its diversity. We will welcome and celebrate people from all ethnic backgrounds.This will be evidenced by the cultural infusion and coloring of our crowd.

...Of hundreds of small groups and ministry teams that model real Biblical community with confession, application, authenticity, guidance, and personal encouragement.These small communities will cause our unchurched neighbors to look to our relationships as dynamic models for work and play.

…Of a church that is known throughout the Washington D.C. Region as a place where personal life change can happen.It will be a place where the hurting can find healing, a place where the sinful can find forgiveness, a place where the broken can find mending, a place where the lonely can find friendship, a place where the busy can find rest, a place where the distracted can find focus, a place where the confused can find direction, a place where the ordinary find significance, a place where anyone from any walk of life can find how to become everything God created them to be.

…Of a church that is smart.We will provide deep Biblical instruction as well as teaching and learning opportunities for life application.As we the cooperate with the Holy Spirit we will expose Biblical truth and assist people in becoming more like Jesus Christ.We will learn together how the Bible contains God’s wisdom for all areas of living including parenting, finances, careers, marriages, crisis, addictions, and Godly character development.


...Of a church that produces followers who are fully devoted to Jesus Christ.Lives that would be marked by reckless abandon, generosity, and a focus on eternity as their primary perspective.

...Of a church that that sends out hundreds on missions trips locally and internationally both short term and long term that we will be a regional impact church that starts new churches in the region at least every three years and trains leaders and teams to reproduce.

It is our dream that God will use us as a church so greatly that in years to come, thousands will point to as the place where their spiritual journey began, where they found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, where they found healthy relationships with others in a biblically functioning community.