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Naturally, because we are a collection of diverse individuals, each of us has slightly different values regarding how we serve Christ. Yet, certain commonly held key values unify our efforts. At Journey's Crossing the following values guide us on this journey to accomplish God's unique mission.


We are created for ministry and outreach – Contribution is a key benchmark of maturity.  All of us have been given gifts, talents and resources to serve others, make a difference in our world and expand God's Kingdom.


Being authentic about faults and failures is important in creating a grace place that facilitates real life transformation.


God is a creative God and the church should lead culture in creativity.  We want to empower musicians, artists, poets, and creatives with a place to unleash and produce beautiful works that honor God.


We start where people are and guide them to where God wants them to be – not the other way around. We will use technology, media, current events and pop culture as tools to help people connect and grow.


This means we do our very best and that we are always open to becoming better by creating a climate of loving evaluation and humble receptivity. God deserves our very best as a gift of worship.


We will be intentional about creating experiences and relationships that model acceptance and diversity in culture, style, stage of life, financial place in life and place on their spiritual journey.