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SUNDAY services

 10:00 and 11:30am at 12900 CLOVERLEAF CENTER DRIVE

in Germantown, Maryland


At Journey's Crossing you'll find a very relaxed, casual, friendly group of people who don't "do church" - instead, we all are learning and growing together, exploring what it means to be on a personal spiritual journey with God. Our Sunday morning worship services are designed to bring attention to God and honor Him for who He is and what He's done. We love people at Journey’s Crossing and we consider our Sunday morning time a great opportunity to welcome all people no matter where they are in their relationship to God. We choose to worship in such a way that would make our non-Christian guests feel comfortable and ready to discover new life in Christ in a non-threatening, fun, meaningful and loving environment.



At Journey's Crossing you'll hear what the Bible teaches about relevant topics that help you in your every day life and we use words and language that we speak in everyday. Together, we learn about things like: relationships, work, finances, power over addictions, forgiveness, life change through Jesus and yes...even sex! Every week our "talks" are creative, down to earth, funny and memorable and they'll make a real difference in your life.


Sunday Services at Journey's Crossing are a mix or "rocked out" celebration songs to Jesus and quiet moments of meditation, reflection and prayer. We share in a moment of communion each Sunday because we believe that remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross is a catalyst for spiritual intimacy and growth. Regardless of where you are on the journey, you are welcome to share in this reflective time with us -- you can also just spend the time in quiet meditation-- it's up to you.


God loves variety in the ways we worship him, so we use a variety of methods appropriate for our culture to communicate His message. Don't be surprised if you come and see clips from your favorite movies or television shows, or a drama acted out on stage. You'll hear music that sounds like what you hear on your favorite Top 40 rock radio station. You may hear a personal story from a business person who is living for God in his or her workplace. You'll hear a message that is helpful and practical. You may see something very funny like a David Letterman style "Top Ten" List because we believe church should be fun to attend.


Your kids and teenagers will also discover practical and relevant Bible teaching that applies to their everyday lives. We use creative videos and media that will make them laugh and think, exciting music that will move their hearts closer to God, and they'll meet real people who are trying to find their way through life with God and one another. There's even a safe & caring nursery for the littlest ones because we want you to be able to enjoy the morning distraction free and we want them to learn the church can be fun for them as well!


We don't have a dress code. We don't speak in holy jargon that only Christians understand. We don't expect anyone to be perfect. We even serve free coffee every week!





Spiritual growth is more than just learning and experiencing - it's also about caring and helping one another. That's why we encourage everyone to find a place to give back on Sunday mornings. Opportunities range from helping kids, serving coffee and snacks, working with teens, playing an instrument or singing, and helping us setup or tear down at the theater each week. The bottom line is that when you serve - you grow.

Come check us out at one of our Sunday Celebrations at 12900 Cloverleaf Center Drive, Germantown, MD 20874. When you are ready to start or continue your journey, we would love to travel with you.