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how to decorate your car



1. Select your decoration.

Sign up here to register your car or cars and pick your decoration theme to go with our overall theme. This year's theme is Cartoons! We ask that you DO NOT include any 'Adult Swim', or scary, evil items or themes that would be frightening to small children (no blood, guts, guns, witch, ghouls or “dark” themes please. If you have to ask, it's probably not a good idea to do).


2.Have fun and get creative!

Go ALL OUT in your decorating – we will award prizes for the most unique, creative and overall best cars.

Get creative and honor God through your creativity and gift to our community! Add music, lights sound effects, and sensory delights.


3. Fill your trunk with candy/goodies to give away.

Since you are creating a mini candy station for kids to visit, purchase your favorite candy or snacks to distribute to the children that will be coming your way. We are expecting at least 700 kids so be generous, but save some for the late-comers.


4. Dress up to coordinate with your vehicle.

Come prepared with candy and goodies to distribute from your car trunk.


5. Come early.

ARRIVE at the parking lot of the NEW Journey's Crossing Church building between 1:30-2:45pm to be ready 15 minutes before our 3:00pm start time. Your car may take 2-3 spots depending on how you need to park. Cars will be lined up and decorated, and our security will block off the parking lot 30 minutes prior to the 3:00pm start time.


6. Enjoy the fun!

PLAN to enjoy some family entertainment as we have present some drama mixed with live music. The show will take place during the Trunk-or-Treat event. Make sure you catch the show!.


7. Have a great time!

Plan on laughing, giggling and serving the kids and families of our community as we take a little of our time and resources to do good and shine a positive light in a world that too often gets caught up on the negative and dark things around us!  Join us!