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This new church began as a concept with Mark Wilkinson in July of 2000. Mark was a pastor who helped plant a new church in the Capital District of New York (Christ’s Church of the Capital District in 1992) and felt like God was challenging him to help start another new church.

Drawn to the diversity, influence and needs of Montgomery County, Maryland, Mark spent the next year recruiting a team of people with a variety of gift-mixes that would complement and support one another. At the same time he began casting the concept of this new church to as many churches and associations that would listen. The result was an amazing team of people and supporters who were convinced that God wanted this new church to come into existence and were willing to do whatever it took to make it a reality.

God did something amazing as He brought together resources and people to form a launch team that would provide leadership and support for this new church. People moved from New York and forged new relationships with others who already lived in the area and together they dreamed about a new church that could make a positive difference in the lives and culture of Montgomery County. This team of people began praying, serving in the community and sharing to thousands through direct mail pieces, water bottles and word of mouth about the launch of this new church.

And on opening day, October 21, 2001, Journey’s Crossing was born at the RIO movie theaters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Over 540 people showed up that day for church. Some had never been to church in their life and many of them had given up on God and the church years ago. Many of those folks got connected and are a part of this growing spiritual community.

Since then, Journey’s Crossing has continued to expand, grow, serve and love the people we live with. Every week, more new people are drawn to the vision of making a tangible difference in the neighborhoods and workplaces around us and more and more people are discovering a new relationship with God and their relationships with others.

For all involved, the first pages of this story have been filled with adventure, challenge, growth and potential. We can only begin to imagine what God will do in the coming chapters as others join us and share their gifts, passion, leadership and dreams on the journey. Amazing things always loom on the horizon for those willing to partner with the Author of life in the re-creation of our world.