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Ready to find out more about your spiritual gifts, personality, skills or leadership style?


Journey's Crossing has several valuable and very helpful assessment tools available to you for FREE!  We encourage you to take full advantage of the following resources and let us know how we can help you on your journey.


1.  Monvee

Monvee exists in order to help people discover what is getting in the way of their spiritual growth and then craft a plan to address it. We believe every person who follows Jesus has what it takes to grow their relationship with Him in new and fresh ways. Monvee combines solid theology with innovative technology to deliver a tool that connects people with resources, ways to spend their time, powerful experiences, and relational connections that fit the unique way God designed them to grow. For more information about Monvee, visit


Monvee has five great tutorials to help you get started including how to sign up, how to read your summary, how to build your roadmap and more!  Click the button below to view them! 



2.  Assess Me exists to empower people and ministries to better understand God's unique design for each individual so that, together as a Body of Christ, we might more effectively accomplish the mission for which we were created.  Are you ready to find out why you were created?  Fill out the form here to get the confidential assessment code you will need to take the online survey. 


Please Note: These assessments are for regular attenders (1-4x a month) of Journey's Crossing and gives us permission to contact you to review your assessment results and help you discover the best place for you to serve at Journey's Crossing.