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Frequently Asked Questions - Youth



Here are 9 frequently asked questions about #JCYOUTH:


1) Is it safe for my TEEN to be a part of JCYOUTH?

- Yup, absolutely. From background checks for all of our leaders to a 7 youth to 1 adult ratio, we take seriously the responsibility of keeping youth safe.


2) Will my son or daughter be welcomed there?

- Definitely! By adults who understand youth and their culture and honestly want to help. By youth going through the same stuff they're going through. We work hard at being good at this.


3) You teach youth about God in fun ways. Is that possible?

- Ha-ha, yes, we work hard at making teaching youth about God a really fun, interactive, age-appropriate process that youth can connect with. God didn't make the perception of boring that many people have of Him. He's the life giver and we want to represent Him in that way.


4) What are you teaching our TEENS?

- Glad you asked. Journey's exists to meet people where they are and help them find and follow Jesus. Youth included. We package the Gospel of Jesus Christ in language that students can understand making sure we keep true to what the Bible teaches about Him.


5) What are the best events for our youth to be a part of?

- Good question! We know that growing in a friendship with God comes through relationship. That's why all of our events center around relationship to give youth more and more opportunity to grow in friendship with God and each other. Our event calendar is here for you to download and check out what we're doing this fall.


6) How do we get started?

- The best way is to come to one of our regular youth gatherings on Sundays from 4:30-6:30pm at our new building 12900 Cloverleaf Center Drive, Germantown. These events will give youth a way to jump in and start building some of those relationships that are so important.


7) What about small groups for youth?

- Yup, we've got 'em. We call them 'Debriefing Groups' and they happen at the end of youth groups on Sunday evenings. They're a time for students to unpack what they've just learned at youth groups. We also have groups for Middle School and High School on Wednesday nights. Click here for more info.


8) What's the process for feedback?

- Our youth team really wants to partner with families and make this the most helpful youth ministry in the world to you and your family. We welcome feedback and encouragement, ideas and Christ-like critiques from you and offer our e-mail address, the office number (301) 963-9250 ext. 104 and our Facebook Page - Journey's Crossing Youth Ministries as ways you can get in touch with us about youth ministry.


9) Do you have any resources for me as the parent of a teenager?

- Why yes, yes we do. We have a page of resources available right here on the website. Check it out and you'll get some good stuff. You can also call us at the offices and we can talk through a strategy for how to be helpful. Please do. We want to partner with you.



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