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Ever come and go in a large gathering and feel like no one even knew you were there?  Anyone can be a part of a large crowd-- just catch a concert at the 930 Club or cheer for the "Skins" at FedEx field.  But we think church should be more than just being a part of a crowd on Sunday morning.

That's why, at Journey's Crossing, we work hard on helping everyone come together as a community and share life together. That way, even as our church grows larger on Sunday, we can help you grow closer to God and one another during the week.  Wherever you are and whatever your interests, you need the encouragement and support that comes from forming healthy friendships and connections on your journey.


Your kids will have fun
and learn about God.
Help your teen find
healthy, real relationships.
Different kinds of groups for grown-ups all over the county.
Learn more about Journey's Crossing at our Monthly
Newcomer Brunch.
Get involved in an upcoming outreach event, have fun at a family picnic, or take an upcoming class! Search for the perfect group
for you and your interests.