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If you ask the average person on the street what they think about church, you’ll probably get an ear-full of stuff that we couldn’t put on a church website. Many people believe that the church primarily exists for itself…its programs, its budget, its building, and the needs of its own members.


At Journey’s Crossing we exist to meet people where they are and help them find their way back to God. We’re an externally focused, mission-oriented group of Christ followers trying to give ourselves away for the good of others, and we are always looking for people willing to do the same. Even our Sunday morning services are designed to connect with and meet the spiritual needs of those who find their way to our church.


We are looking for people who can help us love our community, make a difference in the world, and reach out to our friends and neighbors who join us on Sunday mornings.


Are you ready to give yourself away?

Discover how to match your gifts, abilities and personality with real needs at Journey's Crossing.
Join us in making a difference here in our community and around the world.
Check out the path and the process for our growing community of leaders.