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At Journey’s Crossing we identify spiritual life the same way a biologist identifies natural life. Simply put, “if it’s not growing, it’s dying”. At Journey’s Crossing we believe that spiritual growth and maturity in our faith are measured not just by what we know but by who we are becoming. Journey’s Crossing is committed to helping people grow and become more like Jesus through their involvement in what we call our “3 Ds”. God’s word and our experience indicate that spiritual growth happens as we commit to the following three things:  





Looking for direction in how to grow spiritually?  At Journey's Crossing we believe that spiritual growth is a holistic adventure that involves more than going to church on Sunday.  We grow when we begin to see our whole lives as spiritual, not just a compartment of our existence. God has wisdom that will help us take care of our physical bodies, relationships, emotions and intellect as well as our connection with Him.  All these areas are developed as we center our lives around what we call the 3-D's.  Come discover how we provide the tools, resources and relationships you need to grow in these three important areas.
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