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Journey's Crossing is a casual, contemporary, Christian Church that places a high value on relationships, authentic growth and the creative arts.


Our Mission:

To meet people where they are

and help them find their way back to God.

Our desire is to show all people the unconditional love and grace of Jesus without any reservations because of their lifestyle or religious background, past or future. This love has no agenda behind it (I Cor. 13:5). This grace sets no time-line on personal change or standards for spiritual growth (Romans 4:4-5). The idea is to be a part of people's lives because we truly care for them rather than to fulfill a religious duty; to walk with them through all their struggles as a part of their life, not as a religious outsider. No more mindless "religious tradition" and empty "religious rhetoric". 

Our Process:

We create experiences that help people pursue God, build community and unleash compassion to make a positive difference in our world.

We seek to offer a safe environment where it’s okay for you to sit back, observe & enjoy.  Feel free to participate as much as you feel comfortable.  We work to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages authentic relationships and growth. We want to serve you and help you grow. That’s why we want to do our best to help you get connected into a church family that is committed to helping you become a fully developing follower of Jesus. We want to provide such a great experience that you want to come back and invite your friends. 

Our Vision:

To be an ever-expanding community of joyful, diverse Christ-Followers who make a positive difference in our world today.

We focus on real people, real issues and real needs. Our goal is to show the people of the Washington/Baltimore area that church can indeed be engaging, that God is real, that God is close and that God is desperately wanting to know them. Our services are unique, our messages are entertaining, our people are fun and heck, we meet in a gigantic movie theater....stadium seating and popcorn anyone?

What's Your Affiliation?

Journey’s Crossing is an independent, non-denominational Christian Church. The people here come from a variety of backgrounds but we have found oneness in Christ. Whether you are just starting your journey or are coming back, we hope you will find others like you with an open heart and a warm welcome.

Why the name?

A Journey speaks of movement, a quest, a pilgrimage, and life. All of life is a journey that is filled with ups, downs, obstacles and triumphs. We feel that each of those steps along the way is best interpreted through the filter of a loving creative God who sent His Son and gave His Word so that we would know how to deal with the bumps in the road. But this journey was never intended for us to travel alone – it’s all about relationships (as opposed to organized religion) and spiritual growth happens as our lives intersect at Crossings with God and others in Biblical community.